Thursday, April 3, 2014

Backup (.BKF) File Corruption: Factors and Probable Solution

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Data loss is not a new term for all computer users who involve themselves in one or more activities which includes threat of losing data at anytime. Data loss is very common issue that each and every individual reports every now and then.  It seems like an easy thing to deal with but it really is not! Especially in case of crucial database files which include a lot of queries, commands and other values which are tough to be retrieved sometimes. Big thanks to Microsoft for providing backup option in the form of  BKF file that contains all backed up copies of original data which can later be restored in case of any type of data loss.

BKF files are of utmost importance as these come as a life saver in case of data loss. However, these files too can get corrupted lowering your all backup expectations leaving you all dismayed at the time of urgent back up need.

BKF files generally face corruption related issues which left them totally inaccessible for fulfilling backup needs. BKF or the backup files can be corrupted due to any or all of the listed reasons.

Virus attacks
Any type of virus attack may lead to unwanted modifications in BKF files and may make them inaccessible when you want to recover any lost data from a particular BKF file.

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Crashed hard disk
Hard disk crash leads to inaccessibility of restored data available in the BKF files. System hard disk may crash at anytime without information and this may further happen due to various reasons.

Sudden power failure or system shut down
BKF files are highly affected by any type of sudden power failure or system shut down. Therefore, it is advised to all computer users to keep arrangements for constant power back up to meet scenarios related to power failure. Rest of the system shutdown issues should be controlled to prevent BKF files from corruption.

Backup job interruption
Many a times, backup job or the process of restoring original data from a BKF file may face interruptions which may cause BKF file to perform in an unexpected manner and produce results which are either useless or even harmful for the health of that BKF file.

Missed catalog file
Catalog files if found missing from any BKF file, it may become unusable for backup or restoration purpose.

Failed CRC
CRC or the Cyclic Redundancy Check error indicates that a particular BKF file has become corrupted and that you cannot use it for backing up processes.

Backup application error
Backup tool used for backup job if found corrupted may also lead to further corruption of a BKF file. Keep this tool error free or corruption less in order to maintain security of your BKF files.

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Uncontrollable software or hardware malfunction
Sometimes, hardware or software may perform in an opposite manner which also involves software programs collision and hardware crashes at the same time. This isn’t favorable for the health of a BKF file and it ends up getting infected.

The above factors may lead to BKF file corruption that may prevent you from restoring your lost data from the back up files. This can be a very crucial data that you do not want to lose at any cost. It could be related to your business or job and may have a strong value. Losing it may also lead to heavy business or job losses that you would never want to face.

What could be the feasible solution that can help you in recovering these back up files that can bring back your data which you have lost from system files?

You need an advanced backup tool for resolving issues related to BKF corruption or failure. Opting for third-party software like Backup Exec BKF Repair offered by SysInfoTools can be a right choice for overcoming any BKF file loss issues. It is efficient to recover even the MDF file data which is stored in a BKF file. The demo version can be downloaded at absolutely free of cost. Download for free!