Saturday, April 5, 2014

How to Create Backup for MS Exchange Server

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Microsoft Exchange Server plays a vital role in making email system faster and much efficient. It has been purposely designed by the Microsoft for catering to various needs of the email users available across the globe. It is estimated that the group of email users increases each minute and the people depend much on email communications rather than other modes of message transfer due to it being much safer and user friendly. Organizations at a larger level have adopted emailing system as a much appreciated mode of professional communication.

However, email clients are quite prone to hacking and unknown attacks and failures due to which email accessibility is checked.  This is the reason why MS Exchange Server is launched by Microsoft. It is the most competitive application that supports safe email usage and protects your crucial information from any type of theft.

Benefits of MS Exchange Server

  1. Allows to multiple accounts to be accessed at the same time.
  2. Secured environment for exchanging information over email accounts.
  3. Prevents hacking and unwanted elements which are threatening.
  4. Maintains confidentiality and privacy of your crucial information.

When Exchange Server Fails to Perform…

In order to use MS Exchange Server, one needs to configure Outlook program because the Exchange Server works with MS Outlook platform. Thus, MS Exchange Server works as an important element for any organization or individual. Any type of crash or damage associated with Exchange Server may lead to irrecoverable losses. In spite of careful maintenance and security, Exchange Server faces crash at one point of time. Such situations can be neglected or may not have affect if a user timely creates backup of Exchange Sever. Backing up Exchange Server ensures complete mailbox data security.

Create a Backup of MS Exchange Server

MS Exchange can be easily backed up using MS Backup Utility tool. This tool is also known as NT-Backup utility. It allows users to create a backup for the data available on your local machine as well as the one that belongs directly to Exchange Server. Symantec Backup Exec is also used for creating Exchange Server back up and this is again a built-in utility tool offered by Microsoft.
Users can efficiently use the two utility features for backing up entire MS Exchange Server data.

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