Tuesday, April 1, 2014

What May Cause Corruption in Outlook DBX files

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MS Outlook Express DBX files are the most crucial files for all Outlook users. The only drawback these files come with is that these are quite on a higher side when we talk about DBX file corruption. These are highly sensitive to any form of corruption and easily get corrupted. Listed are few of the many known and unknown factors which are responsible for DBX file corruption. Have a look:

Compression and compacting DBX files folders: 

DBX files can’t fight against high ended compression done to reduce the size and these usually end up getting corrupted. It could lead to permanent failure of DBX file to perform. Therefore, an expert should assist you while applying compression techniques on your DBX modules.

Virus attacks: 
Virus attacks are largely reported by corrupted DBX files. You should try to keep your files virus free to ensure uninterrupted productivity and performance. Received mails or messages may contain virus that can corrupt a DBX file. Make sure you have an authentic antivirus program installed that can protect your systems and Outlook files from any failure.

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Over sized DBX files: 

Outlook Express is inefficient in handling large sized DBX files. Over sized files deeply affect the performance of Outlook application and may result into damages to your DBX data files and folders. Routine mailbox clean up and backup creation is suggested to keep DBX files error free.  

Improper log off: 

When you intentionally or unintentionally logs off in an improper manner from the Outlook Express account, your DBX file may face query issues and may close improperly which may lead to file inaccessibility or quick response error that may also stretch to complete loss of data available in DBX files. Make sure, you logoff from the application in a preferred step by step manner to avoid any odd circumstances.

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Sudden power failure: 

This is a common but unavoidable factor that leads to DBX file corruption. Always open Outlook application in a system which is accompanied by strong battery and power back up support. In case, there are issues with your local machine that you know may lead to sudden system shut down then better get these fixed before using Outlook Express on that particular system.

Low or interrupted internet connectivity: 

Outlook Express requires constant flow of network connection. If at any time, low or interrupted connectivity is observed by the application, it starts behaving in an abrupt manner or may hang while you are trying to work with your DBX files. This may lead to corruption failures in both, the application and the DBX files.  Maintain flawless internet connectivity in order to make the system perform as expected.

You may need DBX recovery software once the DBX file report corruption and becomes highly inaccessible. Your attempts to access the file may seem useless. In such situations, SysInfoTools can help you in recovering your DBX files in the most original format. Download DBX recovery tool now.