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How to Repair OST Files Using Scanost.exe

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It may happen a lot of times when the Outlook users may find it frustrating to deal with the corrupted OST files which become inaccessible due to the reasons which are intangible and unrecognized. The errors on your OST files may prevent it from getting synchronized to the Exchange Server. Corrupt OST files may report missing items from the mailbox once after synchronization is completed which means OST files doesn’t completely synchronizes, however it is only partially synchronized which really doesn’t serves your purpose. Therefore, you would want either to create a fresh file which is error free or may want to repair the existing file that has gone corrupted. Of course, later is the right decision rather than going about to create an entirely fresh file which may take a great amount of time and effort. Also, this is not just because the OST files contain all types of mail data and you can’t even create some on your own. Therefore, a right suggestion is to repair OST files which report corruption or any failure.

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You can easily repair issues to a greater extent using the Scanost.exe application or the OST integrity tool that ensure your OST file is thoroughly diagnosed and repairs the issues afterwards. 

The OST integrity checker or the Scanost.exe application dominantly works for OST files and it doesn’t deal with synchronization errors. This tool simultaneously scans both, the OST files and the mailbox data on running Exchange Server for comparing each and every items and folder and validates difference between the two. It doesn’t modify mailbox data on the Exchange Server but keeps a record of any discrepancy found or resolved. This scan log rests with Deleted Items folder.

The Scanost.exe application runs only when the system is connected to Exchange account. You cannot run this tool in absence of connectivity to MS Exchange Server.

Steps to repair OST files using Scanost.exe

1. Locate Scanost.exe application at the following default location: drive:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\OFFICE12.
2. First of all, you need to exit Outlook application if it’s in running mode.
3. Double click on Scanost.exe to run it.
4. From the Profile Name list dropdown, choose the profile that contains the required OST file.
5. On being prompted, choose Connect to connect with Exchange server.
6. Choose the required options according to your choice.
7. Make sure you select the Repair Errors check box for confirming that the tool automatically resolves any discrepancy found during scanning.
8. Click to begin scan and the same will be started. Any discrepancy found will be fixed then and there.

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Limitation & Recommendation to Third-party Tool

The above method is quite easy and simple to use. Anyone can scan and repair OST files up to a greater extent but the problem can still be persistent in case of fatal errors which can’t be fixed by Scanost.exe application. Therefore, to combat this situation and get back the OST file data, you would need repairable third-party OST file recovery software that can go to the roots of the problem and may resolve issues.  Download a free demo version of OST file recovery software made available by the SysInfoTools that deals in multiple data recovery software and all of them offers exceptional services. Download Now!