Sunday, June 1, 2014

Word File is Corrupted - Reasons and Solution

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If you have checked our previous article, We had shared about how we can extract images from PDF, with best image quality output. We believe that we were able to answer few questions we were asked regrading PDF.

Yesterday we had another question in our Mail Box. 

My Word File is Corrupted, How can i Fix it?

The person who asked this question was satisfied with the solution we provided. We are sharing the solution with you here.



Reasons For Corruption

  • Improper Shutdown 
We are often in a hurry and we've seen many users who can't wait for the computer to shutdown properly. Hence they switch off the power button directly, and your word file is corrupted.
Power Failure
Though there are UPS units (Uninterrupted Power Supply) available in the market to prevent sudden shutdown of the computer. But many users do not use it. And whenever there is a power failure, your work machine is closed, sometimes during the file is open. Another reason why your word file is corrupted.

  • Virus/Malicious Programs
Virus is a common issue of any sort of corruption in our computers. Using unsecured Internet Connections, No antivirus Installed, inserting virus infected Zip drives (USB devices) to your computer leads the corruption of your crucial word files.

Solution If your Word File is Corrupted

There are a lot of free tools available in the software world online. Many of them claim to be the best utility in the industry. But we at Data Recovery Blogger, never believe in whats written. Rather we prefer you use a utility and then share it with our readers if it really works the way its described.

  • Solution We Recommend
Manually there is no reliable solution to recover your corrupted DOCX file. But the tool we are recommending here has been very beneficial for everyone who's used it so far. We are not bias, but we prefer to share the best tool available for the solution. Docx Recovery by SysInfoTools is the perfect solution we believe in, for such issues. But we would prefer you to check the demo version copy of the tool and then go for the full version, once verified.

So now if you find that your word file is corrupted. You may try this easy to download tool to fix it.

We would really be happy to get your feedback on this.

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