Thursday, March 13, 2014

Business Contact Manager: A Know-how

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Microsoft has always been creative in its approach for providing maximum support for Outlook users. It has gone a step ahead by launching an amazing add-in Business Contact Manager. This helps small business owners in maintaining effective customer relationship which is the major reason why it is also popular as CRM or Customer Relationship management tool. It proactively participates for improving sales and marketing efforts, customer service and reporting functions.

As a rule of thumb Outlook offers unique storing feature for saving personal as well as business information. Business contact manager add-in is completely free and it comes in the form of SQL database that has a capacity to store about 10GB of data. Also, it is capable of handling effective communication among different clients by managing email, document or phone call records.

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Released in the year 2003, Business contact manager was a little backward in its approach for handling business contact information and other dealings. Considering, this as a serious issue, Microsoft has launched a newer 2013 version which comes with a lot of in-built features as compared to its older counterparts. Let’s have a look at what this newest Business contact manager has in store for users:

•    Unlike older versions, the latest version of Business contact manager allows users to connect contacts and account records for better synchronization.
•    The latest Business contact manager add-in tool offers customizable forms which can be used for modifying existing forms on Outlook and makes data more presentable and easy to follow.
•    Highly synchronized. Its high end synchronization makes the tool impressive as it allows viewing and editing business contacts from Windows Live Contacts, Outlook or SharePoint and it keeps a record of changes that are being made to one or more contacts.

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Besides this, Business Contact Manager provides an amazing facility to aid users in reaping the advantage of being on the top of sales cycles. It efficiently manages relationships of products and customers according to the owner’s requirements related to the most profitable products. It can easily be connected to Microsoft Excel which makes it easier to locate contact list or any related information on a particular Excel spreadsheet.

Along with maximizing the horizons of storing contact information, the BCM tool also aids in boosting marketing efforts for small business owners. It has enabled users to keep a record of various marketing tactics and activities within the same system. Also, it offers advanced tools for realizing the difference between active or inactive customers which further leads to focusing only on potentially interested clients who are interested to invest in your services or offerings.  BCM utilizes its unique feature of monitoring activities for keeping a solid record of all business contacts, sales and marketing information. Thus, synchronizes business activities for small business owners as an added advantage.

Download BCM from Microsoft’s download center at no cost.
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