Thursday, July 10, 2014

Migrate Apple Mail to MS Outlook - MBOX to PST Converter

Posted by datarecoveryblogger
Many users use different email clients to configure their mail box. But at the time of switching from one email client to another, we need converters which help us convert the file format of our existing email files. MBOX to PST converter enables users to convert their MBOX files into PST file format. Using such tools, users can easily access their old emails on a different email client.

What is MBOX File?
In the era of email messages, almost every computer user is aware of email service, its email clients, and their configuration on the local machines. Those who are not aware, may read the note below:
Note- An email client is used to configure your email accounts, like Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo and others on your local computer, to access your old emails even if you are not connected to the Internet.

MBOX (Mail Box) is an Email storage format, which is used to organize your email messages in a single text file. It saves the messages in a series or a chain, where each message is stored after another.
It was originally used by UNIX, but now supported by many other email clients, like Entourage, Thunderbird, Spicebird, Apple Mail, Pocomail, Netscape, Incredimail, ClawsMail, OperaMail, MozillaMail, Evolution, Eudora, Sylpheed, Mulberry, SeaMonkey, etc.

What is PST File?

PST (Personal Storage Table) file is a data storage file that carries personal information used by MS Outlook and Exchange. This includes Email folders, addresses, contacts and other mailbox data.

Why do we need MBOX to PST conversion?

Consider a scenario given below that will help you understand the need for MBOX to PST conversion:

You are using Apple Mail or any other email client, which understands MBOX format, on your home PC or office computer. It is obvious that your mailbox carries a plenty of emails. Some of them are official and some of them are personal. All of a sudden, you are asked to switch from your current email client to MS Outlook, which does not understand MBOX format.

As you are going to switch from Apple Mail to MS Outlook, you may lose all your crucial emails and other mailbox data which are stored on the MBOX files. If you do not want to lose those emails, you need to import them to MS Outlook or you can convert them into a format that can easily be understood by MS Outlook.

In such a scenario, you need to perform MBOX to PST conversion by using a third-party converter tool. There are many tools available in the market for such job. Make sure that the third-party tool you choose, is properly examined. Without checking or proper examination, never buy any commecialware tool. To get some effective converter tools for MBOX to PST conversion, you can use Google or any other search engine to perform a search.

If you are using an email client that uses MBOX file format, you do not need to worry about migration of your email client. And if you are going to configure an email client now, you will always have an option for switching the email clients in future.

I suggest you to use SysInfoTools MBOX Converter to convert your MBOX files into PST format. This tool gives a perfect conversion of your mail box file into Outlook PST and other popular file formats (EML, MSG, RTF and HTML). All your emails would be intact and in a healthy state after conversion. You may read more about this tool by clicking on the link given above.