Thursday, March 6, 2014

An Easy to Follow Guide about How to Recover Word Documents

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There is no worst feeling than losing an important Word documents that you have been working for long hours. This loss can be due to a lot of reasons which may or may not be technical in nature.  You don’t have to panic before actually knowing the reason behind data loss because Microsoft has gone deep to provide corrective ways for recovering lost Word documents. This comprehensive guide educates users about how to successfully retrieve lost Word files by following few simple steps.
Restart MS Word Application: First of all close all open windows files by going to task manager and clicking on to ‘End process’ after selecting Word windows which needs to be closed. When you are assured that all Word windows are closed properly, restart MS Word application. On restarting, MS Word will open a pane in the left bar. This pane will show you information about last auto-saved document which you failed to save. From here, you can recover your lost Word document easily. 

Target Recycle Bin: Sometimes Word documents accidentally get deleted and find their place in recycle bin. Even if you are sure or not about the file deletion, checking recycle bin is advised.  In most of the cases, deleted files rests with the recycle bin before these are permanently deleted from the target location. You may find your deleted Word document in the recycle bin and from here it can be restored. 

Locate original document: Sometimes it happens that documents are moved to different folders without the knowledge of the end user and when he tries to locate the document where it was previously saved, he ends up finding nothing and this is where the user becomes frustrated thinking that he has lost the Word document which is not the exactly the case. In such instances, users may try to locate original document by typing the file name using search option and it will show the current path of the Word document that you thought was lost. 

Look for backup files: Enabling backup option is always a smart move. This helps in retrieving missing files with less to no efforts.  For recovering the loss, initialize Word application. Click on ‘File’ and select ‘Open’ followed by selecting ‘All files’ from ‘Files of type’ menu. Enter into the folder where you last saved your Word document and select the backup file, click open. Backup files for MS Word can be located by entering *.wbk in Windows Search.

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Recover Word documents using temporary files: You can recover lost Word documents by accessing ‘temporary folder’ of your system. This saves accidentally lost files for some time, however locating them is not too easy because the name of original document is usually altered among temporary files. An easy way to locate all temporary files is by typing “*.tmp” in the search option.

Use third party solution: If none of the above suggested measures work and you find it difficult to locate your Word document, then no other way better than opting for a third party recovery program can work better. There are various MS Word Doc Recovery software available for solving issues related to MS Word data loss. These also come with free trial version, so choosing one is a better move!

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