Wednesday, March 12, 2014

PDF Corruptions: Factors, Errors and Solution!

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PDF or Portable Document Format is one of the most popular file format used by a large group of computer users throughout the world. Launched in 1991 by Adobe, this format has grabbed a significant attention due to its secure environment, portability and quick access. With the increased awareness about light weight documents for sharing over various internet channels with varying band width, people have become more concerned about keeping documentation in a Portable Document Format file.
However, along with varied advantages, PDF files may also get corrupted at certain point of time. Human errors are more responsible for any malfunction that prevents a functional PDF file from responding in a desired manner. Here let’s have a look at few of the factors that are responsible for PDF file corruption.

Factors responsible for PDF corruption

  • Broken Internet connectivity during uploading or downloading PDF files
  • Improper shutdowns in the middle of file upload or download
  • Infected storage media
  • Lack of human understanding for handling PDF files
  • Software or hardware failure

The above factors majorly affect any PDF document or file and make it perform in an unexpected manner. A corrupted PDF file is usually broken or unrecognized by Adobe Reader.

Common PDF Corruption Message Alerts

One good thing about PDF software is that, it keeps giving continuous message alerts to users about PDF corruption. This keeps a user aware about taking quick steps for recovering crucial data on a corrupted PDF file.  However, not all users take these messages seriously and often end up losing an important PDF file or the data therein. So, let’s have a quick look at what are the message alerts which you may receive in case of PDF file corruption:

  • Corrupt or damaged PDF file
  • Error while opening this document
  • Missing root object
  • File doesn’t start with %PDF
  • Error processing file or ‘this page’. Font contains inappropriate cmap-coding
  • File contains unrecognizable information

Fixing PDF Corruptions

Compared to other file formats, it is quite impossible to give a hands-on treatment to corrupted PDF files. Once corrupted, these require a rigorous scanning and recovery treatment which only specialized PDF Recovery software can provide. However, in case of already backed up PDF files, it becomes easier to restore data at anytime but nothing works when your entire back up has also corrupted. Authentic PDF software is only solution that works in such a scenario but choosing one among variety of available PDF recovery software serves as a mind boggling task for a less technical user. Software market offers plenty of solutions for fixing only one error and all seem lucrative too but this story has another side. Not all software that promise complete recovery and error removal for your PDF documents really does the needful and users are often left fooled.

Therefore, validating the reliability of any recovery software is must. Users are suggested to always download trial versions for evaluating software’s performance. If in case, a provider doesn’t offer free trials, do not invest in him as this can be a fake dealer who only wants to make money out of complex PDF errors which you may be facing. As a genuine reviewer, Data Recovery Blogger would suggest users to download a free copy of SysInfoTools PDF Recovery Software that comes with an easy to use interface and a purely safe technical solution. This is an advanced recovery solution that deals with any level of PDF file corruption and recovers multiple PDF files at the same time. PDF Recovery Software from SysInfoTools also offers cost advantage due to its low cost availability for PDF users all around the globe.