Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Recovering Deleted or Lost Emails: Is it that tough?

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Email has always been a critical element since its inception in the World Wide Web. More and more organizations and individuals make use of emails at business as well as personal level. Emails not only serve essential information exchange but also store these messages and mail items for easy accessibility whenever needed.

At organizational level, in case of an organized IT department and channelized email delivery systems, it becomes a little easier to restore deleted or lost emails but that too has a limitation. Emails can only be recovered if these are timely backed up for restoration purpose keeping the uncertainties in mind.

Today we will focus about the mail users who often lose track on their emails either due to accidental or purposeful deletion of emails.

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Usually, the emails which are deleted, go to Trash folder where the same remains in the original format for up to 30 days. Therefore, it is pretty easier for a user to restore or move back the deleted email from trash folder to inbox before 30 days time limit is over. You can do this in following manner:

1.    Sign in to your email account.
2.    Go to Trash folder that can be found in the left pane below inbox and other related items like Sent mails.
3.    Look for the email message that you would want to recover, select that particular email.
4.    Click on Move to Inbox.

With the outstanding Outlook features and offerings, a large base of email users has shifted their email accounts to Outlook client. However, they face a tough time while trying to recover emails in Outlook express either due to complex errors or complete loss of email files which are basically PST files which are responsible for storing email items or messages for backup purpose. In case of corrupted PST files, email recovery becomes a daunting task and user requires recovery software that can handle complex issues pertaining to file corruption and mail box deletion. PST Recovery is a similar tool that has been designed sophisticatedly for covering up corruption issues and restoring lost emails by fixing the email files or PST files. You can download a trial version of PST recovery software from SysInfoTool’s website at absolutely no cost.