Tuesday, June 3, 2014

PST File Viewer - Download Full Version Free

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Hello readers, We hope that the previous article we published was worth enough to resolve your issue. For those who have not read it. You may check it here.

So now that you have read the previous article, lets just talk about why this article is written. While providing you the solution, we were exploring the website of SysInfoTools. And there we found PST file viewer Application, which is a full version and available free for all. Some of you must be thinking what PST file is.
Read the article further to know,
  1. What is a PST File?
  2. Which Program uses this file?
  3. Why do we need PST file Viewer?

What is a PST file

PST stands for Personal Storage Table, This file is created by Outlook. It stores your messages and other mailbox data in your computer.

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PST file is stored locally on your computer hence it can save details and data of multiple accounts configured in Outlook on one computer.

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Which Program Uses This PST file
As we mentioned above, PST file is created whenever we configure a mail account in Outlook client installed on our computer. As we can configure multiple email accounts in Microsoft Outlook. Outlook provides an option to use the same PST file for all email accounts or we can also create a new PST file for each email account.

In this case, we get separate inbox for each mail account configured.

Why Do we need PST File Viewer

To explain this, let us assume a scenario, just consider yourself in a situation with the steps following.
  1. You have a computer With outlook Installed.
  2. You have configured multiple email accounts in it.

Now you are switching to a brand new laptop or a computer. The emails in the previous computer are very huge in number and you cannot afford to download the mails with attachments again.

You may copy your PST file in any Zip drive and with the help of this tool, you may view all the mails in your PST file without installing Outlook. Though you may backup and restore your PST on your new computer, but PST file viewer gives you an option to check all your mail data on the go. You may find how to import PST in outlook through the link we provided above in this article.

Note - It's beneficial as it doesn't require Internet access. You may Check our mail Offline.

You may download the PST File viewer from here.

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