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Repair PowerPoint File Manually and Restore PowerPoint File Content

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Do you use Microsoft PowerPoint? How long have you been using it? You must be enjoying its vast features, don't you? But sometimes you complain as well. Am I right? Since corruption is an inevitable occurrence, you may lose your invaluable PowerPoint presentation at any time. There are various reasons for corruption, we'll discuss that later in this article. Also, we'll learn how to repair PowerPoint file manually and how to restore PowerPoint file content with a professional PowerPoint Recovery tool.

Microsoft PowerPoint tool is a widely used presentation program across the world so it's worthwhile learning to use it. It's a powerful tool to create clear and well-structured presentations that have a strong visual impact.

Microsoft PowerPoint

It's a slideshow presentation program that comes in the package of Microsoft Office suite as well as a separate application. With Microsoft PowerPoint tool, you can create electronic presentations consisting of a series of separate pages or slides. Also, you can combine text, graphics and multimedia content to create professional presentations. So if you're looking for an easy solution to create, collaborate, and present your ideas in dynamic, visually compelling ways, the Microsoft PowerPoint tool best fits your needs.

There are multiple tasks you can perform successfully with this presentation program, such as
  • Create a professional and consistent presentation;
  • Organize the presentation in the proper structure;
  • Animate your slides to give them an awesome visual impact;
  • Provide an illustrative backdrop for the content of your presentation.

Corrupt PowerPoint File - Why?

Despite a wide range of great features, there's a major drawback with Microsoft PowerPoint tool. The files created by this presentation program are likely to be corrupted. Just like any other computer file, PowerPoint files are not immune to corruption. Below are the most common reasons which are highly responsible for a corrupt PowerPoint file:
  • Virus and bugs
  • Sudden power failure
  • Hard disk crash
  • Software malfunction
  • Improper cancellation of PowerPoint program
  • Human errors

How to detect corruption?

If you find any of these following behaviors while publishing a presentation, it may indicate corruption: 
  • The file objects don't appear where they were originally positioned on the slide.
  • Any object and/or text is being overlapped.
  • The animation you've used earlier are not working as expected.
Other than the items listed above, sometimes you may encounter unexpected error messages. Here's the list of some common error messages which you may receive while opening a corrupt PowerPoint file: 
  • PowerPoint was unable to display some of the text, images, or objects on the slides in the file FileName.ppt, because they have become corrupted.
  • The file is corrupt and cannot be opened.
  • Microsoft PowerPoint could not open this file or could not parse a file of this type.
  • PowerPoint found a problem with content in Filename.pptx. PowerPoint can attempt to repair the presentation. 
  • PowerPoint couldn't read some content in Filename.pptx and removed it.

How to repair PowerPoint file? 

Whenever a PowerPoint file gets corrupt due to any reason, you may permanently lose your precious data. Sometimes the corruption is minor, though there's no way to detect the level. First, you should try to open the corrupt PowerPoint file in a different way. How?
  • Launch the Microsoft PowerPoint program on your system. Go to File menu, and then click Open.
  • Double-click the PowerPoint presentation in Windows Explorer. Drag the corrupt PowerPoint file to the PowerPoint program file or powerpnt.exe.
  • Now open the file by using one of the PowerPoint Viewers.
Also, you can try to open a corrupt PowerPoint file in a different program like OpenOffice Impress.
A valid backup file can play the role of a lifesaver here. If you have the backup, you can restore your PowerPoint presentation from it.  
But if there's no backup, you must try to repair PowerPoint file with few easy manual tricks. The manual tricks don't require any 3rd party software. There are few built-in features in Microsoft PowerPoint program which you can use here.

Trick #1 - Open and Repair

This is the very first thing every user should try. Microsoft PowerPoint program has a built-in repair feature, Open and Repair. With this feature, you can repair PowerPoint file and open it with no problem. Follow these simple steps:
  • First, launch the Microsoft PowerPoint program on your system.
  • Now click the File menu on the taskbar, and click Open. Or, you can simply press Ctrl + O.
  • On the Open window, you need to browse the corrupt PowerPoint file. Select the file by clicking it once.
  • Click the drop-down shown next to the Open button.
  • Now click Open and Repair in the list.
Within a few seconds, the PowerPoint presentation will be repaired and opened with no problem.

Trick #2 - Insert Slides

If the Open and Repair trick fails or doesn't work, you can try to insert slides from a corrupt PowerPoint file into a new one. Follow these simple steps: 
  • First, launch the Microsoft PowerPoint program on your system.
  • Now create a new presentation file into which you can insert the slides from the corrupt PowerPoint file. 
  • Once the new PowerPoint file is created, click the Home tab on the taskbar. 
  • You'll see New Slide section there. Click the drop-down arrow, and then click Reuse Slides... in the options.
  • A short window "Reuse Slides" will be launched at the right-hand side. 
  • Now click the drop-down arrow shown next to Browse button. Choose Browse File... in the options.
  • On the Browse window, locate the corrupt PowerPoint file from which you to extract the slides. After that, click Open.
  • If you can see a list of all the existing slides, that's really good. You can insert the slides into the new PowerPoint file you've created earlier. Make sure the Keep source formatting box is checked.
  • To insert the slides, you can simply right-click the slide. If you want to insert that particular slide only, choose Insert Slide. Or, if you want to insert all the slides, simply choose Insert All Slides.
  • Once you're done doing that, you can save this new PowerPoint file.

Professional PowerPoint Recovery Tool

If you have no backup for the corrupt PowerPoint file and the manual tricks don't work for you, it's the time to consider using a professional PowerPoint Recovery tool. There are many vendors in the market which provide PowerPoint Repair tool with the free demo/trial version.
Prior evaluation of any 3rd party paid software is strongly recommended.
Before you can purchase any such paid software, you must download the demo/trial version for free evaluation. By using the demo version, you can scan corrupt PowerPoint file for errors. Also, you can check the preview of your file content which you can actually recover from it. And if you're satisfied with the results, then only you should purchase the software.

SysInfoTools Software

SysInfoTools Software is a popular name in the field of data recovery. It provides you excellent piece of software utilities to recover your crucial data from corrupt files. Its PowerPoint Repair tool is one of the best recovery products available in the market for corrupt PowerPoint file. It can handle extreme level of corruption within the PowerPoint files and recover your maximum possible data from them.

For those who're using 2002 and earlier versions

If you're using Microsoft PowerPoint 2002 or any earlier version, you should know that the PowerPoint presentation is saved with PPT file extension. SysInfoTools Software provides PPT Recovery tool that can repair PowerPoint file saved with PPT file extension and restore PowerPoint file content without causing any alteration.

For those who're using 2003 and later versions

Of, if you're using Microsoft PowerPoint 2003 or any later version, your PowerPoint presentations are saved with PPTX file extension (by default). PowerPoint 2003 and the later versions also support PPT file extension. So if you're using any of these versions and your PPTX file is corruption, you should download PPTX Recovery tool.