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Recover Exchange BKF Files: Corruptions, Failures and Solutions

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BKF file is the most crucial asset for any company or an individual computer user who depends on BKF files for major data restoration purposes. BKF files from Exchange Server ensure high ended data security for protecting your sensitive information from any theft or damage by keeping a back up file in a readable format.
In case of file corruption, failure or any damage, it becomes easy to pull the similar data using backed up files already stored by the BKF files of Exchange Server.

Microsoft offers NT-Backup utility for creating a backup of MS Exchange Server. However, users are free to use other available utility software for storing a backup. Usually, MS Exchange BKF files comes in three different forms as described below:

EDB files: These are Exchange Database files which stores exchange information in a database format.

STM files: These are Streaming Media Files which stores all information related to internet.

LOG files: These files keep a detailed record of all the modifications done on MS Exchange Server.

These BKF files helps in restoring crucial information at times of uncertainty when Exchange Server stops responding or faces abrupt failure to perform in a desired manner.

Many a times it is seen that users tend to face problems related to BKF file corruption. This is when entire backup plan seems to be downgraded. Honestly, BKF files are prone to corruptions of failures but this can’t be taken in a light manner. BKF files are the most important files which saves user from losing crucial information. These files keep a backup and losing them at any cost is a big NO! Therefore, the market is flooded with an array of third-party BKF repair tools due to the unfortunate fact that Microsoft hasn’t yet come up with any solution for recovering these files.

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BKF files once corrupted can’t be used unless repaired. Any type of data fetching is prevented from corrupted BKF files of MS Exchange Server. Thus, users are left with no other solution than to rely on third-party software. Being a guide and mentor, Data Recovery Blogger understands its responsibility for educating readers about some crucial factors responsible for corruption in MS Exchange Server BKF Files. Let’s have a look:

Factors Responsible for BKF Files Corruption

Virus attacks: This is the most common factor that can lead to corruption in Exchange Server BKF files.  Keep your system virus free for avoiding such scenarios.

Unforeseen interruptions: MS Exchange Server may face fatal interruption while creating backup files that can lead to corrupted BKF files which are either partially accessible or completely unreadable for restoration.

Header corruptions: Sometimes, header from the BKF files remain invisible or corrupted. This further adds to BKF file corruption relating to inaccessibility and use.

Storage media failure; Once a default in your storage media or hard disk drive is observed, it becomes almost difficult for BKF files to remain accessible in the same format. These face fatal corruption due to malfunctioned storage devices, especially the HDD.

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What it takes to repair a corrupt Exchange Server BKF File?

Microsoft lacks support for recovering BKF files of MS Exchange Server. Therefore, users have to depend on third-party recovery solutions which are available with multiple established or upcoming vendors existing in the ever enterprising software market but, it requires a quality time for researching over the most authenticated BKF recovery software that can help in solving the BKF file corruption issues with utmost ease. To ease your research efforts, DataRecoveryBlogger recommends Exchange BKF Recovery software from SysInfoTools. This is a proven tool that offers value for money. It can be your trusted partner at times of uncertainty or when BKF files goes missing. This tool efficiently diagnoses systems for malfunctions, failures or corruption and provides effective solution in the mean time.  Exchange BKF Recovery software can be downloaded for free using this link: DOWNLOAD NOW!