Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Most Common Reasons for Access Database Corruption and Its Fix

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There's no computer file immune to corruption, and it's a bitter truth. Be it any file, a document, database or an email file, corruption can cause inaccessibility and you may lose your data. Here in this blog post, we'll talk about Access database corruption and how to fix it. Generally, there are two ways to repair Access database: manually and by using a professional Access Database Recovery software. But before you can use any paid solution, you must try to repair Access database manually. We'll discuss this later in this blog post.

What is Microsoft Access database file? 

A database file is used to store and organize data and information in a series of tables, table fields, and field data values according to the data model. There are many software programs which create database files, and Microsoft Access is one of them. It's a popular relational database program. An Access database file contains database structure (tables and fields) and database entries (table rows) as well as data entry forms, queries, stored procedures, reports, and database security settings. There are two types of database files created by MS Access: MDB and ACCDB. MDB is the default format of database created by MS Access 2003 and earlier versions. ACCDB is the new database format used in MS Access 2007 and later versions.

Access Database Corruption 

Everything related to computer, be it a file or a program, is prone to corruption. There are numerous reasons which can cause extreme corruption in your Access database files. The most common reasons are discussed below:

Improper Data Synchronization: Data synchronization plays an essential role in database files. It's a process of synchronizing a single set of data between two or more devices to provide high consistency among data from a source to target data storage. This may cause serious problems if any interruption is occurred during synchronization or if the process is performed improperly.

Virus Infection: Computer virus is the main reason behind data loss and file corruption. Access database files are not immune to virus attacks. Virus can harm your computer data and files by deleting or overwriting them.

Abruptly System Shutdown: While working on a database file, if your system turns off due to sudden power failure, the database file may become corrupt.

Forcefully Cancellation: In the same way, if you're saving a database file but you close the Access program in the meanwhile, the database file may become corrupt.

Media Failure: If the storage media, be it system hard disk or any external removable media, fails due to any logical or physical failure, your database files may become inaccessible or corrupt.

Software Malfunction: Software malfunction or failure can be occurred due to bugs and other reasons. Also, MS Access program may collide with other installed programs, cause Access database corruption.

Compact and Repair Utility | Built-in Repair Method

Whenever you face any error messages while opening or using an Access database, this means the database file is corrupt and you need to repair it to save your data and information. Luckily, Microsoft provides you Compact and Repair utility along with a couple of built-in features which help you repair Access database. First you must try Compact and Repair utility before anything else.

How to use Compact and Repair utility to repair Access database?

Step 1: First of all, open Microsoft Access application on your system. Please don't open the database file.

Step 2: Click Database Tools tab on the menu bar.

Step 3: Now click Compact and Repair Database above Tools section.

Step 4: On Database to Compact From window, select the database you want to repair. Then click Compact.

Step 5: On Compact Database Into window, create a new database into which you want to compact the old database. Then click Save.

You're done here. Before using Compact and Repair utility, make sure no other user is using the same database you are trying to repair.

You can also try JetComp.exe provided by Microsoft. If you've created your database file with Microsoft Jet database engine 3.x, you must try JetComp.exe once. There's one more thing you can try here to repair Access database. If you're using MS Access 2007, you can try to import old database into a new database.

Professional Solution

MS Access Database Recovery Software best fits your need. It's smartly programmed for handling Access database corruption. It can scan corrupt database files for errors, and repair them. All the recovered data objects of corrupt database file are saved into a new database file. It supports both MDB and ACCDB files created by any MS Access version. Before purchasing licensed version of this software, users can download demo version for free evaluation. Demo version can repair Access database and allow users to check the preview of recovered data.